At the end of 1931 the Soviet government had decided to build for the Far East 12 submarines of the "Shch"
A series of submarines called - V series. The boat was a slightly modernized III-th series. Because of this basic technical elements submarines V series were the same as in boats III. The changes affected only the internal arrangement.
Submarines V series built at the Leningrad plant and finishing work in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, where these boats were delivered by rail sections. Hull sections had joints, pre-prepared for subsequent riveting on-site assembly.
Transportation sections was carried out on special rail transporters.
The first echelon with the sections of the first submarine V series built by Baltic plant was sent to the Far East June 1, 1932, t. E. In 5 months after the government's decision. During June-October 1932 all three plants were sent to the Far East all boats V series. Participation in hostilities, these boats are not accepted, but serve as a sufficient deterrent to the Soviet Far East